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Photo credit: Sasha by Cassie J, Creative Commons Licensed


Area of Origin: Japan

Date of origin: Unknown

Original function: Large Game, hunting, dog fighting, guardian

Today’s function: Security

Other names: Akita Inu, Japanese Akita

HEIGHT: (Male) 25-28 in. (Female) 23-26 in.

WEIGHT: (Male) 85-115 lbs (Female) 65-90 lbs

History: The Akita is one of the most popular breed in Japan, were it comes from. A long time ago in Japan, the Akita was a fighting dog, along with another breed; the Tosa. Soon the typical Akitas were breed with Mastiff.  were strong and bold hunting dogs, and would hunt animals as large as bears. Also, many breeders in Japan turned the Akita into the new modern versions, including patterns like pinto, and the black mask. One of the most popular and known Akita was Hachiko. Every day Hachiko would  wait for his master to come back home from work. One day, the dogs master died, and Hachiko everyday would go and wait for his owner. Because of the faithful dog, they made a statue of Hachiko. The Akita came to the U.S in 1937, but it wasn’t till 1972 that the Akita  was recognized by the AKC ( American Kennel Club.)  Altough these dogs aren’t such a popular breed in America and elsewhere, they still remain a popular breed in Japan.

Temperament:This Spitz type dog is brave, tenacious, and stubborn. Akitas are very demonstrative to their owners. If you would like a dog that could protect the family, this is the right dog for you! Akitas are aloof  towards  dogs and strangers. These strong willed dogs may be a bit of a challenge to handle, but Akitas are very loyal companion.

Looking after : Akitas can be rather calm, but need daily frequent exercise.If trained properly, Akitas can be well-mannered dogs. Their thick coat must be brushed once a week, but during the sheeding period, they must be brushed often.  Akitas can tolerate cold weather very well. Akitas are very happy around their family, but can live outdoors.

Colors and AppearanceThe Akita comes in many colors. It can be pinto and brindle, some may be white. (They also can have a black masck) Akitas are heavy boned large powerful dogs, so they aren’t really a breed for everyone.They have a 2 inch thick double coat, that must be brushed lots during the sheeding period.  The ears of the Akita stand erect, but it isn’t till 4 months of age that their ears prick up. Akitas have rather small, triangular eyes, and are normally dark brown. Their typical Spitz-like tail curls over their back.


Energy level: Moderate ***

Exercise requirements:Frequently ***

Playfulness: Moderate ***

Affection level: Very affectionate: ***

Friendliness towards dogs:Not good with other dogs, very dominant with them *

Friendliness towards pets: Not very friendly around pets **

Friendliness towards strangers:Very friendly to it’s owners… normally reserved around other people *

Ease of training: training is moderate ***

Watchdog ability: Extremely good *****

Protection ability: Excellent *****

Grooming requirements:brush frequently (about once a week) **

Cold tolerance: awesome, don’t worry about these dogs getting cold! *****

Heat tolerance: Not very good. If you live in a hot country-don’t buy one.  *

Here are a few pictures of Akitas…↓

akita 1akita 4Akita puppy

AKC Ranking: 44

Lifespan: average, about 10 to 13 years

Puppy info…The average litter size is about 6-8 puppies. The puppy’s ears don’t stand erect till about three or four months.

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